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Bob Hertzberg, Wenhang Huang, Osamu Onodera, Fran Pavley, Earl Blumenauer, VerdeXchange VX2013

"At no other conference that I have attended have I made more important contacts than at VerdeXchange. That is why JPL will be a sponsor this year at VX2014."  
-Dean Wiberg, JPL Manager, Commercial Technology Partnerships Office


  • Connects the green dots for B2B market-makers to spur growth of the green economy
  • Offers information and a marketplace to learn of innovations, opportunities and public policies that are driving the trillion dollar global energy market
  • Spurs growth of clean and green technology markets via VX conferences and expos in the US and Canada

Cleantech is no longer a niche sector of the economy; it is fast becoming the very foundations of stable long-term growth and provides one of the largest market opportunities in history. Finding ways to shape markets and create value in sustainable practices, be it water use, clean energy, agriculture, or carbon reduction, is the central challenge of modern-day capitalism.

VERDEXCHANGE provides a forum to directly address that challenge through the growth of profitable business and the building of an international community of like-minded people shaping the green economy.

For the past six years, THE VERDEXCHANGE GREEN MARKETMAKERS CONFERENCE & EXPO has brought together "under one roof" the leading private and public marketmakers, thought leaders and business executives from all sectors of the economy – finance, energy, water, waste, transportation, consumer goods, mining, forestry, government, innovation centers, academia and more – to discuss the opportunities and challenges of creating sustainable economic growth and to meet the people that are leading this change.  



2012 Press Release:

VERDEXCHANGE 2012 Conference Demystifies Trillion Dollar Green Energy Economy 

Global and California energy and sustainability leaders meet under one roof to debrief energy policy and to explore what drives clean technology markets.

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Jan. 24, 2012 – Gathered for two days to share best practices and network, local and global business and government leaders tackled some of the most pressing energy issues atVerdeXchange 2012 in downtown Los Angeles. In its fifth year, the conference drew an executive-level audience of more than 500 industry leaders from various sectors of the green economy, along with government officials from the local, regional, and international levels, including Korea, China, Japan, Germany, Canada and Australia.

James Goldstene, David Abel, Paul Krekorian, Jun Niimi, Bill Allen, VerdeXchange VX2012

David Abel, chairman of VerdeXchange, Reheis-Boyd, president of Western States Petroleum Association, and Ron Nichols, general manager of LADWP, opened the conference’s first plenary panel,  “Is Renewable Energy Beyond the Tipping Point?” Forty-one expert panels followed over the two days. More than 140 speakers and panelists, including government officials, clean technology leaders, and procurers involved in energy efficiency, transmission, alternative-fueled vehicles, clean water, alternative fueled transportation, carbon trading, and green building, shared best practices and insights on the green economy marketplace. 

“The value of the VerdeXchange Green Marketmakers' conference is immeasurable for me,” said Jonathan M. Weisgall, vice president of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company, who flew out from Washington, D.C., for the conference. “Over just a couple of days I was able to meet and speak with top public and private sector leaders in the energy and renewables industries here and abroad.”

Immediately after the news hit the wires, MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company shared with conference attendees that the company had established a new business to support its move into the unregulated renewables market. MidAmerican Renewables, LLC will oversee wind, geothermal, solar, and hydro projects that produce energy to be sold in the renewables market, Weisgall said.

Additional conference highlights included a luncheon plenary on California’s cap and trade policy compared to Australia and the United States, which was moderated by former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Mickey Kantor.  The panelists were James Goldstene, executive officer of the California Air Resources Board; Robert Owen-Jones of Australia’s Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency; and Frank Harris, manager of Corporate Environmental Policy at Southern California Edison.  Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gave the closing comments.

“VerdeXchange 2012 brought together the brightest minds in the green economy from around the world to address challenges and identify viable solutions,” Abel said. “Given the changing political climate in the United States and the volatility of the global energy supply, coupled with increasing demand, it’s never been a more critical time to address the future of energy here and abroad.”

This year’s sponsors included Shaw Group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas (A Sempra Energy Utility), Metropolitan Water District, METRO, AQMD, Tierra Global Advisors, NRG evGO, and KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency). 

About VerdeXchange, LLC

VerdeXchange, LLC is an environmental think tank and publisher created to inform and strategically advise green innovators wishing to diffuse green technology and innovations in the marketplace.

VX2011 Closed with an announcement by Los Angeles-based Balqon Corporation of the sale of 300 electric drive sytems to China-based Winston Global Energy.

Click here to read an article about the deal from the Sacramento Bee.


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Congratulations on this exciting finish to the conference today and a very succesful VX2011! VERDEXCHANGE should be very proud of this year's event and its promising future in Toronto as well.

-President and CEO of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation Bill Allen

This was nother extraodinary VERDEXCHANGE. For all the materials that I read and events I attend and participate in, none match the energy of participants, breadth in conversation, and learning about the new (aty least to me) efforts underway.

-Director of the Task Force on California's Adaptation to climate change Dan Mazmanian

California is the epicenter of climate change initiatives. Those attending the VERDEXCHANGE Conference will hear firsthand about when and where the most interesting opportunities will be felt. I look forward to engaging with the leading executives in the public and private sector and learning how these marketmakers plan to meet the demand for breakthrough renewable technologies.

- Former U.S. Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta

The VERDEXCHANGE Conference will do for the green marketplace what the Sundance Film Festival did for the movie industry...Nowhere else do I see a confluence of the diverse range of sectors—energy, finance, transportation, public and private utilities, built environment planning and universities—all with the singular goal of delivering and capitalizing on clean and green products and services.

- Former U.S. Commerce Secretary and Former U.S. Trade Secretary Mickey Kantor