Streetsblog L.A.: Streetsblog L.A. was a media sponsor of yesterday’s Future Build Los Angeles 2015 conference which showcased “trends, people and forces remaking the built environment.” The event was hosted by the Urban Land Institute (ULI) L.A. in partnership with VerdeXchange.

VerdeXchange Headquarters: A press release detailing the eighth annual VerdeXchange Conference & Expo's speakers, sponsors, and program.


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, UC President Janet Napolitano, CPUC President Michael Peevey, and CARB Chair Mary Nichols joined 600 global, national, and state renewable energy and finance entrepreneurs, water and transportation leaders, utility regulators and environmental stewards at the VerdeXchange Green Marketmakers Conference January 27-28 in Los Angeles.

California and global trendsetters met under one roof to forecast energy, water and transport policy and investment, share what is driving markets, and pave the way for future marketplace collaborations.

89.3 KPCC: "A conference takes place today at which power company and port authority leaders will meet with city planners, air and water regulators, and green entrepreneurs. KPCC's Molly Peterson has more on the verdeXchange."

VerdeXchange News: A quarterly journal featuring some of the speaker, issues, and news that drive the agenda of the VERDEXCHANGE annual conference. This issue features Mary Nichols, Steven Nissen, Diane Wittenberg, Ted Craver, Tracy Woodard, Aaron Klemm, Larry Eisenberg, Steve Schneider, Jerry Brown, Qingyuan MA, and Andy Lipkis.

GreenTechMedia: "In a discussion about policy and climate change, SCE’s Michael Hertel described what he called a Gordian knot. AB 32, California’s nation-leading greenhouse gas emissions reductions law, and the state’s Renewable Energy Standard (RES), requiring state utilities to obtain one-third of their power from renewable sources by 2020, will not only drive the growth of renewables capacity, Hertel said, but also necessitate new natural gas-burning power plants or result in serious power supply problems."

GreenTechMedia: "Californians gathered in Los Angeles for the fourth annual VerdeXchange, a business-to-business cross-platform cleantech conference, seemed a little dazed this year, caught between the exhilaration of having a standard requiring utilities to obtain a third of their power from renewable energy by 2020 and panic at having to implement such a standard."

United Television Broadcasting: Many Japanese companies, led by the Japanese Consulate General in Los Angeles, participated in VX2011, sharing ideas and energy for future clean tech partnerships. The video is narrated in Japanese, with some interviews in English.

GreenTechMedia: "'This is going to be about how to make money,' greentech entrepreneur and former California Assembly Speaker Robert Hertzberg announced to the midday plenary. The subject was actually how to make money under the regulation of California’s AB 32, the most far-sighted U.S. climate change law to date, and California’s nation-leading 33%-by-2020 Renewable Portfolio Standard."

PR NewsWire: "Balqon Corporation, announced at the VERDEXCHANGE Conference, a global event for accessing the California and Western states clean and green marketplace, that it had received an order from Winston Global Energy, headquartered in Shenzhen China, for 300 electric drive systems at a purchase price of approximately $53,000 per unit. "

CleanTechnica: "I spent the day at the Verdexchange conference yesterday on behalf of CleanTechnica and heard a lot of interesting news on topics ranging from ESG reporting to waste-to-energy conversion, and so much in between. Highlights included witnessing the beginning phases of California’s carbon market being developed, hearing Mayor Villaraigosa freestyle at the end of his speech and speak from the heart about his passion for making LA as much a Clean Tech Capital as it is the world’s Entertainment Capital.

CleanTechnica: "Clean Tech Los Angeles is all about making LA a desirable place to start and grow clean tech businesses. The real growth in manufacturing and engineering jobs is in this sector, and LA wants to be sure to catch the wave. Also frequently mentioned throughout the conference were our top three research universities— UCLA, USC, and (of course) Cal Tech. At the Verdexchange conference I saw a broad range of presentations highlighting what’s being done in Los Angeles. You’ve already read here how California is the US leader in the Electric Vehicle industry.

PV Magazine: "Gathered for two days to share best practices and network, local and global business and government leaders tackled some of the most pressing energy issues at VerdeXchange 2012 in downtown Los Angeles. In its fifth year, the conference drew an executive-level audience of more than 500 industry leaders from various sectors of the green economy, along with government officials from the local, regional, and international levels, including Korea, China, Japan, Germany, Canada and Australia."

GreenTechMedia: "[A]lthough a start-up’s financials may be sound, many find it difficult to find manufacturing and production capability. What can be done to make these clean tech innovations a commercial reality? A panel at LA’s VerdeXchange Conference 2012 (VX2012), entitled “Global/Regional Models for Fostering Clean Tech & Commercialization: Incubation, Acceleration & Tech Transfer” attempted to answer this question.

GreenTechMedia: "Ron Nichols was brought in as DWP’s manager a year ago to turn that around. The prospect of facilitating change in a utility caught in a web woven by politicians, unions and ratepayers is, Nichols said, 'daunting.' Yet, 'this is the most exciting time to be providing electric service since Edison invented the light bulb,' Nichols told an audience of greentech stakeholders at the 2012 VerdeXchange."

TriplePundit: "At the VerdeXchange Marketmakers Conference that took place in downtown Los Angeles this week, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gave a keynote speech to an audience of 500 industry leaders working to build and shape the green economy of Los Angeles and the nation. The group included individuals working in both the public and private sectors to further the development of technologies and markets related to energy efficiency, electricity transmission, alternative fuel vehicles, clean water, low carbon transportation, and green building.

TriplePundit: "A panel at VerdeXchange Conference 2012 (VX2012), in Los Angeles, made up of key players in the renewable energy industry shared the challenges they are facing as they try to create “Utility Scale Renewable Energy in California."

TriplePundit: "On June 5th of every year, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) hosts World Environment Day, a national celebration aimed at increasing awareness about environmental issues and inspiring action in support of more sustainable and equitable development. The chosen theme for this year’s event is “The Green Economy: Does it include you?” My recent experience at the VerdeXchange Conference in Los Angeles last week proved that although we may not realize it, the transition to a green economy is underway, and it does affect all of us."

The Independent Voter Network: "Renewable energy is growing fast in California. The state has mandated 33% renewable energy by 2020. That’s a long way to go and a short time to get there. Wind, solar, geothermal, big and small hydropower, tidal power, and wave power can probably get California to generate that much power by 2020. But that’s just half of the problem. The power needs to be transmitted hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles. The grid needs to be kept in perfect balance too. Supply must always equal demand, never more, and never less"

Global and California energy and sustainability leaders meet under one roof to debrief energy policy and to explore what drives clean technology markets.